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The benefits of incorporating a wood chipper on your farm

In our day and age the ability to generate bio mass on a farm is indispensable. We live in a subtropical climate that can sometimes reach very high temperatures. Over these four years of farming on Finca Biloba, we've become conscious about how we use our water which has also led us to buying a wood chipper. Mulching the land with the chipped wood from our seasonal pruning seemed like the best solution to keeping both moisture and nutrients into the soil. The ideal outcome in years to come will be to recreate layers of top soil. Biomass production is an essential practice that can benefit a farm tenfold. This is our first year using a wood chipper on the land and we can definitely notice the difference. The terraces we've mulched so far maintain their moisture as well as keeping invasive plants from resurfacing. We highly recommend looking into creating biomass on your farm and researching its benefits! More updates soon!

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